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It is essential that our students are happy with all aspects of their stay. To help us monitor this we ask every student completing a course at Hilderstone College to evaluate their whole experience: the college, the classes and teaching, the social programme, the facilities, the town and their homestay family. Over the last 3 years (2014 - 2016) 97.4% of students said the College was 'good' or 'very good' (based on responses in end-of-course questionnaires).
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General comments

I liked the classes and I learnt a lot. I felt that you really understood our needs.
Maria, Germany

The complete package was a great experience.  A great combination of learning, relaxing and team building.
Antje, The Netherlands

Well equipped classroom with interactive whiteboard.  The wifi was convenient. A lot of personal attention.
Linden, The Netherlands

I’ve learned a lot.  If I had a question, I could always ask.  The teachers were very friendly, the content was perfect and so was the level.
Janneke, The Netherlands

It was always enjoyable, funny and rewarding.  Amazing teachers.  I really enjoyed the course.
Marie, Belgium

Amazing classmates, amazing teachers, everyone was very friendly and motivated to learn.
Carolina, Switzerland

I think Hilderstone College was one of the best choices of my life.
Gorkem, Turkey

It is very good and I absolutely love to study English here.
Piyapat, Thailand

Great teachers, kind staff, lovely classmates and host family, peaceful town and beautiful beach.
Hyun Jin, Korea

I have found many friendly people here.  Classes have been great, dynamic and fun.
Javier, Spain

I have been to several English language schools in my life but Hilderstone College is the best. I am very thankful to the teachers and the administration staff for their availability and professionalism.
David, France

It's always a pleasure to receive an email from Hilderstone College. I've watched the video yesterday, when I saw it posted in Facebook on the wall of Hilderstone College' page. It's fantastic and in a short time it shows how amazing the school is. All I've learned at the college turned out to be really useful to pass my FCE and IELTS exams brilliantly. I recommend Hilderstone to everyone who asks me about holidays in the UK to learn English. I wish I could be there right now!
Cristiana, Italy

It was a wonderful experience. Family and College surpassed my expectations.
Maria Madalena, Brazil

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Everything was good, teachers and administration.
Jaber, Saudi Arabia

Thank you so much.  Words can’t convey my gratitude.  I love Hilderstone.
Yukako, Japan

It was simply a very pleasant experience.  I wouldn’t have wanted anything to be different.
Eva, Germany

I hope you will continue to be like this for many years, maybe 17.....just the time to send you my chidren!!!!
Davide, Italy

I still have a lot to learn but I have started already to think in English. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.
Maikel, The Netherlands

I’ve improved my speaking and my listening.  Now I am able to have a conversation with another person without being scared of making mistakes.
Martine, Italy

I think it is very helpful having teachers that make you want to study and make you learn new things without being boring, but funny instead.  It was such an interesting experience because every day we leant something new.  We improved our grammar, talking and I think most of the class can now express themselves better.
Ilda, Italy

The classes were very interesting and not hard.  The atmosphere was very friendly and all the staff were kind.  I learnt many things like vocabulary, verbs, and the most beautiful thing is that I enjoyed myself doing the classes.
Martino, Italy

The teachers are open to prepare classes according to the students needs and interests.  In two weeks I improved my vocabulary by doing the homework, by talking to the teachers and my classmates during the lessons and after class, to talk to students from different nationalities inside and outside the school.
Ana, Brazil

Highly motivated teachers, friendly atmosphere, very good administration and organisation.
Thomas, Germany

Very good and nice teachers.  Always motivated.  Good learning atmosphere in our class and I liked the fact that all the German speakers were talking English, even in the free time. 
Dagmar, Germany

I’ve never had such great: teachers, meals at lunchtime, everybody was caring and friendly, evening programme, atmosphere in general, the learning centre with the possibility to borrow books and DVD’s, guided tours on our excursions. I think I learnt a lot and am not afraid of speaking English any more.
Annamarie, Germany

The excursions and evening activities were very good.  I like it that we often had guided tours.  Especially the folk dance evening was great.
Melanie, Germany

All I've learned at the college turned out to be really useful to pass my FCE and IELTS exams brilliantly. I recommend Hilderstone to everyone who asks me about holidays in the UK to learn English. I wish I could be there right now!
Cristiana, Italy

You know how to make your students feel comfortable while teaching at an extraordinary high level – great!
Helge, Germany

Lessons have never been boring. I was lucky to study English in an international group, so I have met many interesting people.  I’ve improved not only my English but now have experience about other countries and their cultures.
Olga, Russia

I liked the people and the other students.  It is interesting to communicate with people from all over the world.
Nadine, Switzerland

I enjoyed everything at Hilderstone College.  I always like to come to classes because of the absolutely amazing teacher.  I think I have done enormous progress, especially in speaking and in the range of my vocabulary.  I am proud of myself thanks to you.
Michéle, Switzerland

We were very lucky to meet such sweet and caring people who can make you laugh your socks off.
Natasha, The Netherlands

I love Hilderstone College, I love Broadstairs, I love my teacher, I love my new friends … but… I don’t love the English weather!!!
Alberta, Italy

It wasn’t boring at all! It was a lot of fun. Great teachers. I have the impression that my pronunciation is much better now and I know more vocabulary. Furthermore, I’ve learnt new sentence construction. Hilderstone College helps you to improve your English and you will find a lot of new friends here (from all over the world).
Sonja, Germany

I’ve learnt more in 4 weeks in England than in 5 years in my country.
Wolfgang, Germany

I’m really happy with my stay here and I will certainly recommend Hilderstone to everyone who asks me about English schools in England. My host parents have been really kind to me and spent time talking to me; making my stay in Broadstairs even better.
Ilaria, Italy

Good discussions in classes, variety of subjects in lessons, very kind and witty teachers.
Maria, Germany

Excellent teachers, friendly atmosphere, very good materials in the learning centre, committed staff. My expectations are totally fulfilled – I feel more confident and fluent.
Frederic, France

The staff were always very helpful and considerate. The teachers were excellent and very motivated and encouraging. I learnt a lot of new useful vocabulary and I improved my written English – the course was very intense and helpful. I really enjoyed my course at Hilderstone especially because of the people and warm atmosphere.
Charlotte, Germany

The lessons were really helpful; after just two weeks I feel my English (especially speaking) has improved a lot. All the classes were good and interesting but the best thing was meeting students from other countries and having the opportunity to practise my English with them.
Sofia, Italy

The lessons were very good.  I was in other summer schools in previous years but this was the best.  I am happy.
Kristyna, Czech Republic

I like this college.  I would like to come here again and I would suggest my family and friends come here to study.
Shih-fan, Taiwan

I finally understand the basis of English and I find it much more easier now, especially in terms of grammar. I met many new friends.  I am very happy I had this opportunity to improve my English here in Hilderstone.  It became my home for 6 months.
Ekaterina, Russia

Very good atmosphere at school, helpful and friendly staff.  I would recommend it.
Ivona, Czech Republic

Every single teacher is polite, kind, helpful and always smiling.  There is a homely atmosphere at Hilderstone College.
Banu, Germany

I really liked the warm and humorous atmosphere during the lessons and that all teachers were so considerate.  Thank you for a wonderful time.
Susann, Germany

Small courses, lots of discussions, individual treatment, frank, open-minded, friendly atmosphere during the course – no need to feel embarrassed about making faults.
Tamara, Germany

I never met anyone who was unfriendly or who wouldn’t have helped me.  That’s why I always felt comfortable and welcome.
Rebekka, Germany

The teachers are very competent and help us with our questions in a good way.  You have the opportunity to make friends very easily due to the nice atmosphere and the small size of the college.  I’m really satisfied with the courses.  I’ve learnt a lot and made great progress.
Jacqueline, Switzerland

Hilderstone College + Broadstairs = lifelong friendships, unforgettable moments and lots of good memories.
Tânia, Brazil

I’ve had a great time here in Broadstairs and will definitely recommend this college to other people.  You are doing a great job.
Sonia, Switzerland

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.  It was far greater than I ever dared to hope.
Monica, Italy It was a really good idea to apply for this college.  I had fun and I learnt a lot.
Silvia, Spain

All teachers and members of staff were very helpful and made me feel at home from the first day.  The activities and excursions were so much fun and I came in contact with people from all over the world.
Lara, Switzerland

As a student you feel very comfortable at Hilderstone.
Patrick, Switzerland

There was a really good, friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the college.  The small size made it easy to feel at ease.  The courses were interesting and diverse and the evening activities were a nice possibility to meet other students.
Anne-Sophie, Germany

It’s great to combine intellectual growth and having fun.
Rayna, Bulgaria

During our English class at Hilderstone College, we both met, fell in love and - recently married! So: THAAAANK YOU very much again!
Anne and Christian Haker

I have found many things such as students gathered from around the world speaking in English something beautiful and interesting.
Khalfan, United Arab Emirates

The level of learning in Hilderstone is perfect. The teachers offer good learning and are lovely people. The excursions are really interesting and I liked the sport activities. I hope to return here because I had fun here and I learned a lot.
Sebastián, Chile

Meeting new friends from many different countries of the world has helped me improve my speaking. I really enjoyed the MLC (Multimedia Learning Centre) for the listening. The Folk Dance was really amazing and great fun together.
Francesca, Italy

I loved exploring new nationalities and cultures. A warm thanks to everyone. I loved the possibility to go on different excursions and that everyone would have helped me if there had been a problem.
Martina, Switzerland

I think I’ve broken my psychological barrier. The good thing is that I had to speak in English, particularly with my host family. Basic grammar, like verb tenses, is now more natural. Why had they been difficult before studying here? I don’t know. Don’t think, just practise!
Harumi, Brazil

Everything was ‘super-perfect’. I enjoyed every moment of my stay and met such wonderful people. I could improve my English very much. It was a mixture of everything I needed. I’m sure I’ll come back.
Beáta, Hungary

My brother and I had a wonderful time and it was a great experience as well. We improved our English like never before thanks to you. I will always remember Hilderstone and Broadstairs. I may come back one day.
Ondřej, Czech Republic

I have lived for two months in Broadstairs. It was a very good time for me. I couldn’t talk anything when I came here but I’m improving. I will always thank Hilderstone and my teachers. I’m going to come back.
Seung Il, South Korea

At this school you are really an individual and not just one of hundreds.
Franziska, Switzerland

It is an unforgettable experience to study in this college. Through the study, I get the confidence to speak to British people.
Jia, China

Everybody here is so kind and nice. Thanks a billion for your excellent & professional work.
Nancy, China

The staff were always nice and willing to help. I really liked the building and the classes were great fun! I found the learning centre very helpful and useful.
Laura, Argentina

Studying at Hilderstone last August was the best experience in my life. Everything - the lessons and my host family - was perfect. I keep in contact with my host mother and she´s invited me to stay at hers. If there is a possibility, I will undoubtedly come back next year.
Cecilia, Spain

Thank you very much for everything you did to make me feel at home and to have a good learning experience.
Umidahon, Uzbekistan

Thank you for everything, especially my tutors who helped me to improve my English by correcting my mistakes so I can learn from them. It’s my pleasure to be one of the College students and I will highly recommend it to all my friends.
Mansoor, United Arab Emirates

I am having a great time. I love everything: the mix of nationalities, the well-qualified teaching staff and my welcoming host family.
Gabriela, Brazil

I got inspired by my lessons and was immersed in English.
Linda, Netherlands

I have developed my English skills with the best English teacher I have ever seen.  My progress is brilliant.  I just want to say thank you.
Poomrapee, Thailand

The most helpful thing is the low number of students in each class.  However, the best thing is the kindness and happiness of the tutors.
Giacomo, Italy

I feel like I have learnt more about the UK in this week than in five years of secondary school.  The subjects were interesting and the teacher managed to motivate us without a problem.
Luuk, Holland

I really liked the atmosphere in the College, very international.  It was very interesting to talk to people from different countries.
Maria, Italy

I found lessons very interesting, helpful and stimulating.  I’ve learnt lots of useful and common English expressions and a lot of new vocabulary.
Francesca, Italy

Thank you so much.  Words can’t convey my gratitude.  I love Hilderstone.
Yukako, Japan

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Everything was good, teachers and administration.
Jaber, Saudi Arabia

Everyone at College (students, teachers, administration) are very helpful and I really had the time of my life here.  Facilities are excellent.
Jośe, Spain

All the teachers and staff were excellent, very helpful all the time.  They taught us and they took care of us. SUPERB!
Javier, Spain

It was simply a very pleasant experience.  I wouldn’t have wanted anything to be different.
Eva, Germany

Warm, welcome, wonderful hosts. They made me feel like I am part of their family. All of my classes are perfect.  Teachers are wonderful, lots of patience and caring and kind words which encourages students. It makes me confident to take the exam. Peaceful town, lovely and friendly local people.  Fresh air.  Hilderstone is the best language college I have ever known.  Best teachers, good accommodation, friendly local people and town.
Napatsorn, Thailand

The classes were exactly what I was looking for.  After 4 weeks I am feeling so much more confident with speaking.  I appreciate the excursions a lot.  They are always a good opportunity not only to explore England a bit, but to socialise with other students as well.  In my opinion Broadstairs is just lovely.  It’s neither too big or boring. I would totally recommend Hilderstone College to friends.
Lea, Switzerland

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Nationality mix

I really enjoyed meeting people from different nationalities, learning about their culture and interests.  I’ve been here for just two weeks but I have improved my English in many aspects.
Livia, Brazil

The variety of nationalities provides the perfect condition for practising English. I found the balance between nationalities was a significant factor to my improvement.
Moayyad, Saudi Arabia

I was really happy to be in a class with people from all over the world. I have not only improved my English but I’ve also learned a lot about different countries.
Noémie, Switzerland
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All my teachers have been really good.  They have a motivating attitude, help us to enjoy learning and encourage us to continue improving and learning English.
Rocio, Spain

Best teachers I’ve ever had.  If school had been like that, I’d have leant a lot more.
Jahn, Germany

It was simply a very pleasant experience.  I wouldn’t have wanted anything to be different.
Eva, Germany

The teachers are great, a great inspiration.
Benjamin, the Netherlands

Every single teacher was unique and all of them are very professional and motivated.
Daniel, Germany

I liked the humorous character of all my teachers which created a funny and comfortable learning atmosphere.
Julian, Germany

Best teachers I’ve ever had.  If school had been like that, I’d have leant a lot more.
Jahn, Germany

In my opinion the perfect way to learn English.  Interesting general topics.  A good balance between grammar, vocabulary, discussion.
Christopher, Germany I really liked the atmosphere and the way of teaching. The presentations and the feedback helped me a lot to get more confident in using the language.
Martin, Germany

The teaching is very good quality and the teachers are all friendly. All the Hilderstone College staff are really nice!
Mehtap, Turkey

What I liked particularly was the way our tutors managed to bring out the best in us as both learners and teachers. It was hard work but thoroughly enjoyable too.
Syana, Bulgaria

I really like our relationship with the teachers and the atmosphere in the College. Everyone here is really kind and if you have any problems, they immediately help you.
Beatrice, Italy

The teachers and the people who work at the College are really friendly. I mean I really feel that they care about us. And I loved the dance and international show evenings.
Seray, Turkey

Everything was great, especially the course. I really liked the teachers and the wonderful atmosphere they could create. I learned hundreds of things and I wish I could come back every year to have a chat with them. They are inspiring!
Vanessa, Brazil

The teachers are very kind and friendly. At first time I was surprised because they were so kind. Korean teachers aren’t like that.
Jungwoo, South Korea

I think the teachers of Hilderstone College perfectly know how to involve the class during lessons. Here you can learn English in a brilliant way and you can also meet a lot of new people from the whole world. My host mum and dad made me feel “at home”, they took care of me as if I was their real daughter and for any kind of problem they were always able to help me sort it.
Cristina, Italy

The teachers are very helpful and it’s like a big family.
Bandar, Kuwait

I felt the teachers and everyone at the college really cared about the students and that made my stay very enjoyable.
Tamara, Germany

They are good teachers.  They are always very interested in you.  I am completely satisfied with my experience at the college.  I’ve learnt so much, not only grammar and vocabulary but also pronunciation, informal language and useful English that you can’t learn from a book.
Anabel, Spain

Best teachers I’ve ever had.  If school had been like that, I’d have leant a lot more.
Jahn, Germany


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Host Families

Everything was perfect.  I couldn’t imagine getting a better host family.  They made me feel very welcome and talked a lot to me and motivated me to speak English.  The food was very good.  I have never eaten so many different meals in one week and it was interesting to experience.
Anne Vermeirssen, Switzerland

I particularly liked that they sat down with me every day and offered me help with my homework, presentation etc.  The food was extremely healthy and delicious.  More than I expected.
Nadhi, Germany

Nice, friendly, hospitable people. I felt really comfortable.
Bart, The Netherlands

The homestay hosts were very friendly.  I had an amazing experience thanks to them. A lovely home, comfortable, makes you feel like home. Just wonderful! I was a member of the family. I did so many things with them, I experienced the British life. I fell in love with British food.
Marie, Belgium

It was my first time in a host family and it was a fantastic experience with friendly people.
Daniela, Italy

Talking to my host mother, going out with her on the weekend, really feeling welcome at home.  It was just the best I could ever have imagined.
Anke, Germany

They were extremely friendly.  I felt like one of the family.  The best family ever!
Gulfem, Turkey

The atmosphere in the house was so good and to live with a different culture. My experience was amazing.
José Hugo, Brazil

It was lovely how they integrated me into their family life.  I really felt at home.  It was fantastic, marvellous, brilliant, lovely, great and terrific!
Leonhard, Germany

They were very friendly, like my own family.  They made me feel at home.  The house was very clean and the food was good.
Martina, Italy Very interesting discussions with the host family about British culture, politics and daily life.  I had the feeling that I was a part of the family during the stay.  It was a great experience.
Florian, Germany

You really made me feel at home at your lovely place.  I enjoyed being part of your household a lot.  I’ve never been with a host family that friendly, warm and respectful.  I will miss the conversations, the laughter, the dinners and our fantastic excursions.  Thank you.
Helge, Germany

I was very happy.  We shared a relaxing time together. I tried English food that I’ve never eaten before.
Natherporn, Thailand

The most enjoyable experience was having dinner with my host family because every day they cooked something different and after that we spoke about different themes. They are very kind and friendly. They are helpful and it was very easy to get on with them.
Ana, Spain

I really enjoyed my stay in Broadstairs.  I’m really sad that I have to leave.  My family was very lovely, friendly.  They are awesome.  I enjoyed every minute here.
Stephanie, Switzerland

She was a cool Mum, fashionable, funny, outgoing and relaxed. She gave me recommendations for shopping, to eat in nice cafes and she invited me to do stuff with her.
Elena, The Netherlands

They are friendly, good-hearted and welcoming people. Living with them allowed me to learn more and experience the British culture. We had a lot of fun, they are very humorous people who have hearts of gold.
Kerstin, Germany

Living in a host family is a good way of experiencing the British way of living. It helped me brush up my English and give me new ideas for my teaching.
Sandra, France

We went out together. I felt one of the family.  I loved them.
Khalfan, UAE

My family made me feel as a member of the family and this is the most important thing for me.
Lourdes, Spain

I want to thank my family for their hospitality, warmth and their delicious food…they really made me feel at home! Every evening I enjoyed coming home after college and having dinner with them.
Johanna, Germany

The time spent in the family helped me a lot to improve my conversation.
Ciprian, Romania

I think that the most helpful thing was the speaking in the host family because you get a feeling for the language.
Christian, Switzerland

I have to say that my host family was very good to me ALWAYS. They really made me feel like home.
Antoni, Spain

Tremendously friendly people.  Great Meals. Good atmosphere.
Leendert-Jan, Netherlands

The conversation during dinner – funny and useful.
Valentina, Italy

To discover the British way of life and talk with my family.
Lucie, France

The warm welcome, their care for us, the humour, the meals. I enjoyed everything.
Lucian, The Netherlands

It has been wonderful. My host mother is very attentive, polite, kind, friendly, cheerful and she has corrected me when I have made a mistake in English.  We shared a lot of good moments and for this reason my stay in Broadstairs has been incredible.
Anabel, Spain

My host mummy is fantastic and really cares about her students.  It really felt like home. Everything was perfect.
Denisse, Uruguay

It’s been one of my most pleasant stays, I think No 1!
Long and interesting stimulating conversations during dinner.  Very clean, very comfortable, more than welcoming.
Jure, Slovenia

It doesn’t get better than this; beyond my expectation.
Spela, Slovenia

I really liked my homestay family; they were very friendly and open to me.  We had a great time. The whole course was great.  I learnt a lot of new things about the culture and my English has improved.
Monika, Slovenia

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the opportunity to talk to students of different nationalities and with my friendly host mother.  I will miss them all!
Sarah, Italy

I was very happy and comfortable.  They talked to me about things I am very interested in like history and culture.  They were a lovely family.
Maria, Spain

Simply exceptional!
Jose, Spain

It was my first time in a host family and it was a fantastic experience with friendly people.
Daniela, Italy


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Social Activities

These activities were great to meet other students and make new friends.
Magdalena, Czech Republic

Absolutely brilliant.  No boredom for sure.
Nadhi, Germany

The activities were useful and amazing because I know lots more about England now and the culture.  The College is a very nice place for learning.
Jolana, Czech Republic

I enjoyed excursions and evening activities.  In my opinion evening activities were very helpful and I have found new friends.
Ksenia, Russia

I enjoyed the activities organised, especially the karaoke and the folk dancing evening. The Welcome Evening was very helpful to meet new people because I came alone to this college.
Stefan, Switzerland

The social activities were excellent. During my stay in Broadstairs, I had a lot of new discovery about British history and different cultures.
Kayo, Japan

The evening activities were always very funny. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of students from other countries.
Tatjana, Serbia

The social activities are very organised and interesting and the students are very friendly and cheerful.
Narahiro, Japan

I loved the social activities! They bring so many students of different nationalities together.
Sarah, Switzerland

The social activities were great, exciting and a chance to meet people.
Andreas, Switzerland

The College staff were extremely nice and helpful. I felt really welcomed here. The social events helped build a sense of community among the classmates.
Mariana, Brazil

The evening talks are excellent. They allow you to improve your language and cultural knowledge because they are very understandable. The social activities are very varied and I enjoyed to do them.
Valérie, France
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Learning Centre

I think the Learning Centre is fantastic for study.
Petra, Czech Republic

The learning centre was the best and most helpful thing for me.  I used to read the audio books and do the CAE exams.  It helped me a lot to improve my English. I was looking for a good school.  I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Rafael, Brazil

The Learning Centre was good, different to the regular classes and they showed us exercises at the computer that I can practise at home.
Stefanie, Switzerland

What is especially good is the Learning Centre where you can practise your English. It’s very good that we can choose from a large range of activities.
Dóra, Hungary

The Learning Centre was fantastic for resources and borrowing books.
Maria, Spain

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Broadstairs and the local area

I fell in love with the beach, sea, town and shops.  Broadstairs is an amazing area.
Magdalena, Czech Republic

Broadstairs is such a lovely area.  I really enjoyed the sea, beach and the friendly staff in the shops.
Martin, Czech Republic

Beautiful for relaxing, walking on the beaches and having a good time.
Laura, Germany

I love Broadstairs.
It was an adventure I will never forget.
Deborah, Switzerland

Great teachers, kind staff, lovely classmates and host family, peaceful town and beautiful beach.
Hyun Jin, Korea

I have lived for two months in Broadstairs. It was a very good time for me. I couldn’t talk anything when I came here but I’m improving. I will always thank Hilderstone and my teachers. I’m going to come back.
Seung Il, South Korea

Broadstairs is a lovely place and a great environment to study. I enjoyed many walks along the seaside.
Emanuel, Switzerland

Because Broadstairs is a small town, here is a very good atmosphere to study English.
Seum Kim, South Korea

I do love this town.  It is peaceful, natural, charming and safe.  I like the people here, the environment and of course the college.
Waranya, Thailand


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