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The Hilderstone Magazine March 2016
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Practise online
Make sure you're using the right language when sending and receiving emails. Emails in English is a great series of six lessons from the British Council 'Learn English' website.

Phrase of the week
Each week we feature a 'phrase of the week', an expression commonly used in English, on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Follow us to get the latest one each week. Here are last month's:

Phrase:   Shop around
Explanation:   Compare the price of something you want to buy in many different places or consider many possibilities before you choose.
Example:   A: My car insurance is going up about 15% this year!
B: Why don’t you speak to some other companies? You’ve got to shop around if you want to get a decent price.
Phrase:   Monkey around with (or monkey about with) something
Explanation:   Touch, change or treat something carelessly and in a way which may damage it.
Example:   A: I can’t get any sound on the television. Can you have a look?
B: Yes, sure. I bet somebody’s been monkeying around with the controls.
Phrase:   It's not rocket science
Explanation:   It's not as complicated as you think it might be.
Example:   A - I'm so nervous about making a mistake when I do my tax declaration.
B - Don't worry, it's not rocket science. Just put all your information into the website and it'll do the rest.


March will be a busy month in Broadstairs. Here are some of the highlights:

Did you know?

Each student at Hilderstone College now receives their own Hilderstone Google account to use throughout their stay, and also when they have returned home.

After your induction you'll be able to: use Gmail to contact your new friends and send in homework, Google Drive to save your presentations and photos, Google Docs and Slides to make notes, record new vocabulary and practise your writing and presentations. Students can access their files on the computers in the Learning Centre, and also on their tablets or phones using the College's free Wi-Fi, or back at their homestay.

Student stories...

Pete, from Thailand, studied on our pre-university course in 2015 and, having achieved his goal, is now preparing to study at the University of Kent.
"I was very happy when I studied at Hilderstone. I found many lovely friends and my English is much better than it used to be. Hilderstone College gave me a fantastic experience."

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