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The Hilderstone Magazine April 2016
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A great way to practise your speaking and pronunciation
Watch our short video on how to use your iPhone or iPad to help with your pronunciation. Students studying at the College will find this, and much more, on hilderstone.net.

Can you discover the seven-letter word using each of the letters in the wordwheel only once?

Email your answer to us, including your name and nationality, and we'll let you know who was the fastest in next month's edition!

Phrase of the week
Each week we feature a 'phrase of the week', an expression commonly used in English, on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. Follow us to get the latest one each week. Here are last month's:

Phrase:   peter out (phrasal verb)
Explanation:   Gradually stop or disappear.
Example:   A: Did you manage to get the car all the way to their house? I know the roads are bad up there.
B: It was more of a dirt track than a road, and even that petered out well before we got there. We had to get out and walk in the end.
Phrase:   eagle-eyed (adjective)
Explanation:   If someone is eagle-eyed (or has an eagle eye) they notice everything, even very small details.

A: Hopefully I can park somewhere near the theatre.
B: Make sure you pay if there's a metre; they've got some eagle-eyed traffic wardens in that part of London.

Phrase:   a leap year
Explanation:   A year that comes around every four years and has one extra day; 29th February.
Example:   A: If you’re born on February 29th, do you only get one birthday every four years?
B: They probably celebrate it on the 28th unless it’s a leap year.

April is a great time to be in Broadstairs. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Queen's 90th birthday celebration - to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday there will be the lighting of a beacon (part of a national event) followed by a firework display on the beach on 21st April.
  • Looping the loop festival - from 23rd April to 2nd May there is a festival of the arts in Broadstairs, as well as the other local towns of Margate and Ramsgate. A great opportunity to enjoy the theatre.

Did you know?
From seals to surfing!

The coast around Broadstairs has a large population of seals, as well as sea birds and other marine wildlife. Taking a boat trip to see the seals for a couple of hours is a wonderful experience and a great addition to your stay.

For those of you who enjoy something more active, then Broadstairs has the answer too. Did you know there are two surf schools in the town? Why not book a few lessons whilst you are at the College?

Student stories...

Arantza, from Spain, studied on our Intensive English course for 12 weeks. Arantza (or Ari as we know her!) is currently a digital marketing professional from Valencia, Spain.
"Does a place exist where your main outfit is a big smile everyday? Yes it does - it's Hilderstone College! ... Every day gives you a new experience and going to class became my hobby."

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